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Happy Birthday! wish you luck and fighting!! I’ll keep supporting you. Always beside you!! ><

Kwak Min Jun: Christmas. (Reblog & Bold the ones that u r looking forward to the most)


Gifting presents. Receiving presents. Spend time with family. Spend time with friends. Watch Snow fall. Get into a Snowball fight. Create a Snowman. Listen to a Christmas Carol. Go Skiing. Go Snowboarding. Go on a vacation. Go broke from spending money for gifts. Shopping for a Christmas tree….

Criminal Monkeys Application

First Name: Sirinan (Nin)
Year of Birth: 1992
Location: Thailand
How long were u a fan of Duck Cop (Me): around 1 year
How did u know Kwak Min Jun (Me):  I just surf the internet then I saw your photo and guess “wow! he’s so cute” so I fine out more information about you XD hahaha

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, learning from failure.”~ Colin Powel

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If u think I should try the vampire look and take a picture with it? :-D

This is a lot of work… so… if I do get over 300 notes on this, 99.9% I will think about it x-D

At StarBucks coffee

At StarBucks coffee


"IN HEAVEN" Teaser

standing egg - 넌 이별 난 아직 with 한소현 3rd coast
dinner w ma fam ^^

dinner w ma fam ^^

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